The Importance of Documentaries

Making a documentary is an important part of social activism because it allows the director to get their message across a large variety of people. Artists are the most important part of activism because they are the ones that can spread their messages in different ways, it might be a hidden message in a documentary or it might be a bold message in a work of art. In revolutions, the first ones that the leaders look for are the artists because they are the only ones that can think for themselves and can get other people to join them. Documentaries can change the world because powerful movies have powerful effects on people. One simple scene can change someone’s life. I know that when I watched “Matt Shepard is a friend of mine” it made me think differently on how I treat people. You never know what someone is going through in different parts of their life and to add bad treatment by another person to their list may just be the breaking point for people. Matt Shepard was depressed at times in his life but he got out of his funk and was soon killed for being “different.” After the documentary came out, everyone knew the true story of Matt and everyone began to think differently because Matt could’ve been anyone’s child, anyone’s friend, or anyone’s sibling

Passion drives filmmakers to settle on a particular story because if is something that is very important to the person then they will do anything to make sure their message is told in the right way. Ideas also drive filmmakers to create their stories because it is something that the director is very excited about. The filmmaker wants to create their movie because they want others to be educated about the same idea. The audience might not be as passionate about the idea but at least they know more than they did before watching the documentary. Good support is something that every filmmaker needs to help them create the film. Without a good group of people behind the director then what is the point of making a movie because you have nobody by your side. The main thing is that the filmmaker really loves what they are producing because you need to want to create the film to make it a great documentary.



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