Let’s Get Down to Business

A favourite movie of mine is the Disney film “Mulan”. It showcases how strong anyone can be if they set their mind to it. My favourite scene in the movie is when Shang sings “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” He is singing about how he will never be able to train the men for war but in the end Mulan steps up and trains very hard and she helps the other men prepare for the battle.

I really like this scene because it showcases that anyone can overcome any obstacles. Mulan overcame the obstacle of being a woman and became the best fighter at the camp. If there was anything I would change about the scene it would be to increase the amount of time Mulan got after she changed. The majority of the song was about showcasing how strong Shang was and weak the others were but Mulan challenged stereotypes and should be recognized for that. Not only is the scene very empowering it is also extremely catchy. This is why I really love this scene and movie. I think everyone should watch it.


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