Artistic Choices

Your work will always reflect your identity because you may be asked to create a specific image a client has in mind but it is ultimately up to you what the final design will look like because you make colour decisions, the positions of objects, etc. A person’s work is very important because it will represent you and every time another individual looks at that project and that is how they characterize you. When I created my poster for a teacher I was given a guideline and I used my creativity to decide how I wanted the poster to look. They ended up becoming two really great posters and I am quite proud of them.

I personally enjoy making things that make others and myself happy. The poster that I just created made me and other people who saw it happy because it was a goofy but FinishedPostercreative poster. I feel that as I get more serious about Photoshop and my future I will create things that reflect my personality more but for right now I like making people happy. This project was fun and interesting and I hope I get to do more things like this in the future.


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