VR is something that is becoming more and more useful as the world grows with the new technologies. Not only could it enhance gaming but it also further improves the healthcare field with surgery simulations and phobia treatments, and it increases the business field because it allows new employees to be trained and offers businesses a 360 view of a client’s product, and it strengthens many other fields. In this case it helps the architecture field.

Iris, a company which produced the VR software earlier this year, says it has around 15,000 customers with 75% in the architecture, engineering, and construction fields. An architect can put on a headset and create a possible building option in real life. The building is created around the person. lighttoolThis software allows the wearer to look in all directions, walk, climb stairs, and “transport” to any part of the structure, inside or out. People are able to change the sun’s position to see how it would beam down through windows and where the architect should place a window to conform to the client’s wishes.


rs_ucsf_presentation.jpgI think this product is great. It allows people, who don’t understand architectural drawings, to visually understand what the final product will look like. It enables clients to make adjustments on their building before it is actually created. After reading the article, a con could be how people don’t want to wear big dorky looking goggles while they work. Another con would be if you were to show a client too much information about the project before it is fully developed. After taking the pros and cons into account, I still think the software is a wonderful idea. It “fundamentally changes a field that has long suffered from outmoded visualization methods.” This impacts media arts in a huge way because it allows for better visualization of a project to determine if any changes need to be made. It also affects the construction field because materials don’t have to be wasted in case a client doesn’t like the way something looks after it has been built.


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