The Importance of Documentaries

Making a documentary is an important part of social activism because it allows the director to get their message across a large variety of people. Artists are the most important part of activism because they are the ones that can spread their messages in different ways, it might be a hidden message in a documentary or it might be a bold message in a work of art. In revolutions, the first ones that the leaders look for are the artists because they are the only ones that can think for themselves and can get other people to join them. Documentaries can change the world because powerful movies have powerful effects on people. One simple scene can change someone’s life. I know that when I watched “Matt Shepard is a friend of mine” it made me think differently on how I treat people. You never know what someone is going through in different parts of their life and to add bad treatment by another person to their list may just be the breaking point for people. Matt Shepard was depressed at times in his life but he got out of his funk and was soon killed for being “different.” After the documentary came out, everyone knew the true story of Matt and everyone began to think differently because Matt could’ve been anyone’s child, anyone’s friend, or anyone’s sibling

Passion drives filmmakers to settle on a particular story because if is something that is very important to the person then they will do anything to make sure their message is told in the right way. Ideas also drive filmmakers to create their stories because it is something that the director is very excited about. The filmmaker wants to create their movie because they want others to be educated about the same idea. The audience might not be as passionate about the idea but at least they know more than they did before watching the documentary. Good support is something that every filmmaker needs to help them create the film. Without a good group of people behind the director then what is the point of making a movie because you have nobody by your side. The main thing is that the filmmaker really loves what they are producing because you need to want to create the film to make it a great documentary.



Let’s Get Down to Business

A favourite movie of mine is the Disney film “Mulan”. It showcases how strong anyone can be if they set their mind to it. My favourite scene in the movie is when Shang sings “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” He is singing about how he will never be able to train the men for war but in the end Mulan steps up and trains very hard and she helps the other men prepare for the battle.

I really like this scene because it showcases that anyone can overcome any obstacles. Mulan overcame the obstacle of being a woman and became the best fighter at the camp. If there was anything I would change about the scene it would be to increase the amount of time Mulan got after she changed. The majority of the song was about showcasing how strong Shang was and weak the others were but Mulan challenged stereotypes and should be recognized for that. Not only is the scene very empowering it is also extremely catchy. This is why I really love this scene and movie. I think everyone should watch it.

Artistic Choices

Your work will always reflect your identity because you may be asked to create a specific image a client has in mind but it is ultimately up to you what the final design will look like because you make colour decisions, the positions of objects, etc. A person’s work is very important because it will represent you and every time another individual looks at that project and that is how they characterize you. When I created my poster for a teacher I was given a guideline and I used my creativity to decide how I wanted the poster to look. They ended up becoming two really great posters and I am quite proud of them.

I personally enjoy making things that make others and myself happy. The poster that I just created made me and other people who saw it happy because it was a goofy but FinishedPostercreative poster. I feel that as I get more serious about Photoshop and my future I will create things that reflect my personality more but for right now I like making people happy. This project was fun and interesting and I hope I get to do more things like this in the future.

Good Efforts Will Be Rewarded


Recently, I had to create two posters for a media arts project. It is very challenging to have that creative stroke of genius to get started and actually know what you want to create. It took me a couple of days to get somewhat of an idea then I sat with my teacher and it took us an hour to completely come up with an idea. Not only was it hard to come up with the idea but then to translate it into an actual poster on Photoshop was even more difficult, it took me a couple of days just to create a new pattern for a shirt the subject was wearing. It takes a long time but it is so rewarding to see your creation afterwards and know that you made that.

That’s how graphic designers gain success. Time is what separates good graphic designers and great ones. The more effort that goes into the project the better it will be. It takes time because it requires a lot of trial and error to see what fits in the design and what doesn’t. You have to place one object, fit it in to place and all that time might have been wasted because it doesn’t look right, but it’s alright because it will all be worth it in the end.

My Photography in Review

As a photographer, I learned many things. I always took photos because the scene looked nice, after this unit in media arts I realized that I can set up photos to create other scenes that evoke the emotion I want it to in the viewer. I came a long way from when I began because I treated photography as a way to remember experiences or just for fun but now I have a new appreciation for photography. I view it as a great art that allows to people to express themselves just like any other form of art. People think that photography is just looking at something that looks nice and just capturing it. It is much more difficult then that, you have to have an idea of what you want to capture before you go out looking for it or else you could spend hours and not have a photo because you don’t know what you need.

I enjoyed using the photo editing tools given to us. It makes you feel so powerful just to be able to basically do anything you want to. You can make photos appear to be something completely different then what it actually was when you took it. Instagram allows you to add filters and edit photos very simply, although it has gotten more advanced it still isn’t advanced as if you were to use an editing program like Lightroom. Photoshop is so much fun to use, you can make photos so different. I usually don’t edit my Instagram photos but after being able to use Lightroom and Photoshop I might just fix photos there because it adds another dimension to your photos. It takes a great photo to an even better photo and elevates your abilities.


One of my artworks

I feel that a big difficulty to using Photoshop is actually taking that first step to get the program but once you get it you will encounter many problems if you don’t know how to use it. It is quite confusing to use because there are many things that don’t make sense like tools that you’ve never seen. But getting past that it was very easy to use because you are so comfortable doing what you enjoy. One of the things I will consider next time using Photoshop is to be more creative. I started using it very recently and I feel that I am pretty good at it but I need to unlock who I truly am to create work that reflects me personally. I can create wonderful works but I feel that they could be better if they came from the heart and reflect me, like the Beauty and the Beast art. I am very proud of that because Disney is something that is very personal to me and I came up with out of pure imagination. I feel that one of the most rewarding things about using Photoshop is the end result and seeing your hard work actually pay off and become a masterpiece that you can call your own. You will know that you created that work and you can be proud of the effort you put into it was worth it.



I was just asked to try to explain what my inspiration is. After thinking about it for a bit, I realized I didn’t think I had any inspiration but our teacher gave us a prompt. She told us that our inspiration is what gets us out of bed in the morning or it is what we might want to be when we get older. She asked us “if you could do anything and not fail, what would you?” This made me think because I had no idea how to answer it. However, I thought about it and I realized that inspiration is all around us everyday but we may not notice it. We might notice an advertisement on the side of a bus we like or someone’s outfit that we might like as they walk by. Well, if I wouldn’t fail I think that I would want to become a famous graphic designer. One who everyone wants to create images for them, one who has a very long waiting list. I just recently got Photoshop and I enjoy creating something from something else and being famous just makes it better. I want to keep doing that for a living and enjoy it. As the famous saying goes “If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.”


VR is something that is becoming more and more useful as the world grows with the new technologies. Not only could it enhance gaming but it also further improves the healthcare field with surgery simulations and phobia treatments, and it increases the business field because it allows new employees to be trained and offers businesses a 360 view of a client’s product, and it strengthens many other fields. In this case it helps the architecture field.

Iris, a company which produced the VR software earlier this year, says it has around 15,000 customers with 75% in the architecture, engineering, and construction fields. An architect can put on a headset and create a possible building option in real life. The building is created around the person. lighttoolThis software allows the wearer to look in all directions, walk, climb stairs, and “transport” to any part of the structure, inside or out. People are able to change the sun’s position to see how it would beam down through windows and where the architect should place a window to conform to the client’s wishes.


rs_ucsf_presentation.jpgI think this product is great. It allows people, who don’t understand architectural drawings, to visually understand what the final product will look like. It enables clients to make adjustments on their building before it is actually created. After reading the article, a con could be how people don’t want to wear big dorky looking goggles while they work. Another con would be if you were to show a client too much information about the project before it is fully developed. After taking the pros and cons into account, I still think the software is a wonderful idea. It “fundamentally changes a field that has long suffered from outmoded visualization methods.” This impacts media arts in a huge way because it allows for better visualization of a project to determine if any changes need to be made. It also affects the construction field because materials don’t have to be wasted in case a client doesn’t like the way something looks after it has been built.